Best Surprise Romantic Ideas For The Special Someone

Random romantic surprises in the middle of the week or when having a hard day are the best. But making the best gift without having to take out the wallet is hard. Since most people appreciate having a gift made by the person themselves instead of having gotten off the store shelf, here are some of the easy ideas of getting a gift to make the day of the special person in your life.

To-do in a jar

The jar ideas are some of the sweetest and also easiest things to do. You can decorate the jar itself, but it’s even more awesome looking if you take down the notes in some fancy paper in different colors. Write down your ideas of the best aspects of your relationship, places you want to visit (like the new beer bar Bangkok down the street or the Himalayas), bucket list items that you want to add, and other things that come into your mind. Have him or her read out one each day at breakfast or dinner.

Make a classy meal

Anyone would love to see their favorite meal spread out as a fancy meal on the table when they come into the dining room. So go through that extra length to make it super fancy (get ideas from rooftop restaurant Bangkok) and watch their jaw drop. It’s up to whether you want to go for the whole cutlery set, but make the dish presentable and enjoyable.

Buy something they want but have not gotten around to getting themselves

Most of us have our own personal item that we always remind ourselves to buy but never actually get around to going and getting it. So if your significant other has a list of items, pick one you think they would enjoy the most and grab it on the way of your grocery shopping tour. The fact that you remembered what they wanted and went around to buy it will be enough for making your partner happy.

Plan a vacation for three or four days

When you are full time workers in permanent places it gets harder and harder to actually get away from work for extended vacations. So wait around for a weekend and plan for a three or four day vacation to a nice place that is not too far away. Getting away from the routine of everyday life will do good for both of you. Some of the more exciting but exhausting things you can do to make life enjoyable for your parent is getting a pet (a long term commitment) and buying their favorite item that they have not been able to afford themselves. These things will need some savings.

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