Must Try Foods In Thailand

They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. This could be one of the most truthful things ever said. When you travel you not only see things that some people only read about, but you the wonder that is human life across a variation of cultures. Most people assume they have seen the world by just visiting a few places but getting lost in a culture of a new place that is when your investment truly pays off. To understand the culture, you must experience the culture as a whole and what better way to do that than food. Every culture has something that is so uniquely there’s and that cannot be emulated elsewhere no matter how hard we try. They say that cuisine is now truly international because the best dishes of every world has travelled all over the world. But can the heart of the food exist away from its home. So today we give you a few dishes that should be tried by you in Thailand the next time you visit Siam.

Pad Thai
How can you say Thai food and not think of their famous noodle dish. There can be many variations found all over the country whether it be in a street market next to a top 10 ice cream brands seller or in a gastro pub with a fine dining version of the dish. Traditionally the dish is served with peanuts, tamarind sauce and dried shrimp but for those of you who cannot have the traditional version, there is a veggie version with tofu.

Tom Yum Goon
Nothing can get more Thai than this sweet and spicy version of seafood broth. Unlike traditional soups in the west, this has a unique yet tantalising play on flavours on the tongue. A combination of lemongrass, lime juice, Thai chillies and shrimp will set your taste buds on fire and while your local Thai restaurant might have their own version of the treat, the ingredients which are native to Thailand will be fresher and more flavoursome in its home country. However, what you have to realise is that, the level of spiciness might be closer to the Thai tongue rather than the western one, so prepared for it and if you find it too much going for a cooling Bangkok ice cream might help.

Khao Neeo Mamuang – Mango Sticky Rice
When you go to Thailand not trying their native fruits is just a waste. The tropical heaven has so much to offer that not trying them after coming this far is shameful. This rice dish is the quintessence of Thai desserts, sticky and with the right amount of nectar from the fruit. You can say you have had this dish before, but I can promise you, it will not be the same thing you find in Thailand. Other than the fact that the ingredients are as fresh as plucked from a tree, the dish has been bringing happiness to Thailand long before it hit the shores of the west.

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